Reporting a change of address

You must report the municipality of Uithoorn if you move house within Uithoorn and if you move to Uithoorn from another city in the Netherlands. Reporting a new address is free of charge. If you are moving to Uithoorn from abroad, you need to complete an initial registration or a re-registration. Make an appointment with our Civil Affairs department by calling (0297) 513 111.


What to bring to the appointment:

Who can register the new address with the municipality: 

  • Yourself, if you are 16 years or older; 
  • The parent, guardian, or caregiver for minor children; 
  • Cohabiting spouses or registered partners can do it for each other; 
  • Cohabiting parents and adult children can do it for each other; 
  • The curator for a person under guardianship; 
  • An adult who is authorized in writing for this purpose. 

You have to register your new address with the municipality:

  • From 4 weeks before the move
  • Up to 5 days after the move 

Reporting a move is free of charge.

Moving from Uithoorn to another town within the Netherlands

Are you moving from Uithoorn to another municipality in the Netherlands? Report your move to your new municipality. The municipality of Uithoorn will then deregister you.

Moving from abroad (immigration)

If you are moving to Uithoorn from abroad, you must personally register or re-register with the municipality: 

  • Are you moving to the Netherlands for the first time? Then you need to complete an initial registration.
  • Are you returning to the Netherlands from abroad to live, you need to re-register.

To do this, please make an appointment by calling (0297) 513 111.