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The municipality of Uithoorn is responsible for the content of this website and takes the utmost care to keep the information as current and complete as possible. If you come across information that, despite our efforts, is outdated or incorrect, we would highly appreciate your feedback.

You can do this by sending a message to or contacting us by phone at (0297) 513 111. You will receive a response from us once your report has been processed.


Since June 2012, the new Telecommunications Act has been in force. According to this law, every website is obliged to inform you whether they place cookies and must request your permission to do so. The municipality of Uithoorn also uses these cookies.

Our website uses the statistics program SiteImprove, which collects data about your visit to the website via a cookie on your computer. The municipality does not collect any personal data through these cookies but tracks your actions on the website (such as which pages you visit, what search terms you use in the search engine, and which browser you use, etcetera). With this data, the municipality can adjust and improve the website. We appreciate your consent for the municipality of Uithoorn to place cookies. If you prefer the municipality not to place a cookie on your computer or smartphone, you can disable the placement of cookies yourself. Click on one of the links below to learn how to disable cookies in different browsers:


The municipality of Uithoorn places great importance on safeguarding your privacy while processing personal data related to the use of the digital service desk.

Securely sending privacy-sensitive information with ZIVVER

The municipality of Uithoorn utilizes ZIVVER to share confidential information via email. ZIVVER ensures that confidential information is securely transmitted, guaranteeing that only the sender and recipient can access the message, preventing access by hackers. Since January 1, 2016, the Data Breach Notification Law has been implemented in the Netherlands, with even stricter regulations at the European level starting from May 2018.

How to use ZIVVER

When we send you an email using ZIVVER, you will receive a message from ZIVVER in your mailbox containing a link. Click on the link, and you will be automatically redirected to the secure environment provided by ZIVVER. You can access and read the municipality's email following the provided instructions.
For more information, feel free to contact us at (0297) 513 111.


The municipality of Uithoorn retains the copyright to the information provided via this site, including trademarks, logos, and photographic material. Nothing from the texts or graphic representations on the website may be made public, distributed, and/or duplicated without the written permission of the municipality. Use of the information for personal purposes is allowed. Proper citation with a source reference is required.

Use of the Uithoorn municipality's logo

The logo is protected by copyright. Using the municipal logo or any part thereof without permission is not permitted.

Commercial links

We do not feature commercial links to third parties on our site. Non-commercial links are solely included for user convenience. The municipality of Uithoorn does not have control over the content of these websites and therefore is not responsible for their content.

PDF files

The PDF files offered on the website can be accessed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader program: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.


PDF documents must be stored in an accessible format, a format that can be read by software.


The guideline imposes very high demands on PDF files. Specific knowledge and/or tools are required to create PDFs that meet these requirements. However, many of the PDF documents are provided externally, which sometimes makes it challenging to comply with this guideline.


The municipality of Uithoorn believes that deviation from the norm has been adequately resolved.


As a solution to the problem, the municipality of Uithoorn has chosen to adhere to a set of minimum requirements for PDFs:
The format is PDF/A-1a or PDF/UA-1. The text must be selectable and copyable. The PDF does not contain scanned documents. The PDF does not contain personal data. Exception: externally provided documents.


To limit the number of less accessible documents, the municipality of Uithoorn imposes requirements on new PDFs. The PDFs must meet at least the criteria listed under 'Alternatives.'

Requesting an accessible PDF

You may come across a non-accessible PDF version. You can contact us at and request an accessible version of the document in question. Please include the URL of the page where the PDF is located in your message.

More Information

For more information about this disclaimer, please contact the Support Team Communication department at phone number (0297) 513 111.