Lost or stolen passport or identity card

Have you lost your passport or identity card, or has it been stolen? In that case, you can sign a declaration of loss or theft at the municipality where you are registered. You do this to prevent identity fraud. Make an appointment with the municipality by calling (0297) 513 111.

Apply for a new travel document

At the same time as you report the loss or theft, you can apply for a new travel document. You must apply for a new passport or identity card in person at the municipality where you are registered. 

The municipality may not return a found passport or identity card to the owner. The identity document will be destroyed.

Request an emergency passport

Has your passport or identity card been stolen, and do you need to travel the next day? Applying for a new passport takes at least 24 hours. Perhaps you qualify for an emergency passport from the Royal Military Police. This is a temporary travel document. An emergency passport costs €57 (rate for 2024).

Lost travel document abroad

Have you lost your passport or identity card abroad? Report it immediately to the local police and request proof thereof. At the same time, apply for a new or temporary travel document at a Dutch embassy or consulate.

Do you have any questions about this? Call the 24/7 BZ Contact Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.