Voting for non-Dutch citizens

Do you want to vote for the Dutch members of the European Parliament? And do you have the nationality of another country within the European Union? Then you are allowed to choose to vote in the Netherlands.

If you wish to vote in the Netherlands, you must register. You can do this by using DigiD via the button below.

Online registration voting in European Parliament in the Netherlands

Alternatively, you can download the form "Model Y 32 (Declaration of voting for the European Parliament in the Netherlands)" on You must complete and sign it. With this form, you declare that you will not vote in another country. You are only allowed to vote once for the European Parliament. The municipality must receive the form no later than Tuesday, 23 April 2024.

You can fill in the form and email it to:, or send it to: Election Team Uithoorn, PO Box 8, 1420 AA Uithoorn. A copy of your valid identification must be enclosed. You can also submit the form at the counter during our opening hours. The form is in Dutch. You can view the explanation of the form in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Polish on

Are you unsure if you are already registered? Or do you want to check or withdraw your personal data? Please contact us by email or phone (0297) 513 111.

Voting in the country of origin

Do you want to vote in the EU country you come from? Then you do not need to inform us. Check the website of the European Parliament to see if you need to register in your country (at the top of this page you can enter your preferred language). 

More information about voting in European Parliament elections: